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About Wildfire Records & Who Or What Is Wildfire Records?

Who or what is Wildfire Records Inc.?

From the days of gramophones to today's Wildfire Records Inc. has been in the entertainment business more than twenty four years. In addition to being one of the world's Independent Record Label, Wildfire Records Inc. consists of 15 music labels representing over 20 artists spanning every market and genre. Wildfire Record's artists are supported by recording facilities and a worldwide manufacturing and distribution network operating in over 24 contries. From the Peter Brown to Summer Angel, Wildfire Records sells thousands of music products to music lovers worldwide.

1. I'd like to contact someone, how do I do that?

We've hidden the email addresses of our staff behind our Contact Manager to reduce the spam our staff have been getting. You will be contacted where appropriate and where there is a genuine inquiry by the applicable department. In some cases you will be contacted automatically be our servers (we have prepared in-depth automated responses for some departments to better serve you). Select from the following drop-down list what type of suggestion you'd like to make, then fill in the rest of the form. Fields marked with * are mandatory.


2. Is Wildfire Records, INC. only a Independent Record Label or do they offer other music related services?

Yes. We do offer other services. Visit the Business 2 Business Section of our website to see a full array of services.


3. I'd like to use a song in a NON-PROFIT play or film. How do I do this?

You may request the use of a master recording from Wildfire Records for your non-profit plays or films (including student films) which are being produced in Philadelphia. Keep in mind you will require written consent from Wildfire Records AND the publisher of the song to be able to use it legally. It is your responsibility to contact the publisher of the song. Further, requests for even non-profit usage can have costs associated with them (they are not automatically free as it takes time and resources to get you clearance). Your detailed request (including its use and intent) should be sent to our Business Affairs department by mail, email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or by fax to (215) 951-9148. Please note a response could take up to six weeks. Keep in mind: not all masters are available for licensing to the public.


4. How do I SEARCH your marketing sites?

As part of our perpetual interface we have a SEARCH function available at all times in the upper right-hand corner of http://www.shopwfrecords.com, http://wfrecords.com. and http://www.reverbnation.com Simply type in your search criteria:

* artist(s) name,
* the genre,
* name of album,
* name of track you're interested in, or
* the 12 digit upc of album.


5. Where can I buy your CDs online?



6. Is Wildfire Records, INC associated with the ShopWFRecords or Wfrecords?

Yes, the label Wildfire Records was setup back in 1978. The stores, and recording companies which are still owned by Mr. Earl Messam, and the label operate completely separately. To contact Wildfire Records Inc. click on the following link ==> Wildfire Records Management!


7. Where are you located?


Wild Fire Records, INC.
PO. Box 48231
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Phone: (215) 844-3639

Our marketing labels are:

Shop WFRecords
Blue Blue's Music
Rockers Rebel Music
Wildfire Records


8. How do I get a job at Wildfire Records, INC.?

If you are interested in working at Wildfire Records, you may send Human Resources your résumé. You may snail-mail your résumé (see the address below) or you may use our Contact Manager to make initial contact (an email response will provide you with the email address for sending in your résumé). Emails are NOT posted on this site as some Internet bots collect mailtos, sell them, and we wish to reduce the spam our employees are getting. Human Resources will keep your résumé on file for a period of six months. Send your résumé to:

PO. Box 48231
Philadelphia, PA 19144
ATTN:Wildfire Records Company
(215) 844-3639


9. Do you accept demos? Where do I send mine?

If you are seeking information on demo submissions to Wildfire Music United State's A&R department, please read the following in its entirety.
  1. If you have a website and/or MySpace page, please let us know about that FIRST, before you go to the trouble of mailing us your expensive and slow-moving demo package. You will usually get a much quicker response to your music. [**Unsolicited CD's usually take a minimum of 3-6 months to be listened to.]
  2. However; while we greatly prefer to review artists via their websites and/or MySpace pages! You may also continue to mail physical packages to:

A&R Department
5427 Wayne Avenue, PO. Box 48231
PA, 19144, ON
Philadelphia M6K 1X4

Please enclose the following in your envelope:

* Recorded material
* Lyric Sheets
* Band [Artist] Bio and Photographs
* Contact name
* Return address
* Valid E-mail address
* Telephone number (day and night numbers)
* Website AND/OR MySpace page (if available)

** Note: Since it is our mandate to develop and market Philadelphia talent you must be a domestic Philadelphia artist (USA citizen and/or a landed immigrant) in order for us to consider you for signing.

Also, as we try to give each artist the time they deserve when reviewing their music, we ask for your patience in receiving a response, as this can take some time, particularly considering the fact that we are regularly backlogged with demo material.

Once again we thank you for your continued interest in Wildfire Records!!!

Thank you and good luck!

A&R Department
PO. Box 48231


10. How can I get backstage passes?

Backstage passes are NOT available from Wildfire Records. The ONLY way to get them is to win them, usually through regional radio contests or their associated websites, or Internet portals.


11. What browser should I use?

This site is designed for optimal results using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, with Macromedia Flash plug-in and possibly Windows Media Player.


12. Do I need any plugging for this site?

You'll need the latest versions of Macromedia Flash and possibly Windows Media Player for our audio and video samples. Our websites use auto-detectors for Macromedia Flash.


13. What is Wildfire Records?

Wildfire Records is a newsletter issued by wfrecords.com. It promises exciting updates about ShopWFRecords, Rockers Rebel Music and Blue Blue's artists.
Follow this link ==> http://www.wfrecords-online.com

You'll get FREE GOODIES, like the latest one more touch audio tracks, wallpapers, screensavers, e-cards. You'll also have the opportunity to WIN movie passes and concert passes, CDs, DVDs and/or posters. Find out who's on tour each week, as well as look over our complete list of CDs and DVDs released this week. You'll be the first to watch the latest videos, and by visiting our Telemission section you'll be the first to check out your favourite artist on TV. Join the legions of music lovers by subscribing now!


14. Are cookies used on your sites?

Cookies are used on our sites for wfrecords signup (to detect whether you've already signed up), for Webtrends (so we know a little more, from an aggregated point of view, who visits our sites), for our Jukebox preferences, and for Community preferences and where applicable if you've asked the site to remember your login settings. As always we DO NOT share your private informtion. Period.

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15. What is your privacy policy? Is my privacy safe?

We will NEVER share your information with anyone without your permission. Period.

For more on our Privacy Policy please follow this link ==> http://www.wfrecords.com/privacy.asp


16. How can I make suggestions? I have some comments about your site!!!

Please use our Contact Manager. Select from the list what type of suggestion you'd like to make, then fill in the rest of the form.