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Want to submit your Artist Project or Album to WildFire Records for Distribution?
Wildfire Records has long supported, sovaldi sale the Independent Artist Community since its beginnings as Wildfire Records 5550 Morris Street, cure in Philadelphia, treat PA 19144. Today we are inundated with (24) of requests daily, for artists signing, distribution and artist support. We would like your help in getting to more of these submissions please review below for submitting your project.

For New Artist Submission
Sign up to the Wildfire Records Community at www.wfrecords.com The Wildfire Records Community invites, Artists, Producers, Promoters, Performers and more to Develop and grow their audience in the Wildfire Records Community and make the home of growing recording artists world wide. Simple follow the simple sign up process and begin uploading your Tracks, Music Videos, Tour dates and more, invite your friends and fans to follow you. The more you do, the more we're likely to notice your efforts!

For Distribution of Your Project
We offer digital and physical distribution through our Shopwfrecords.com Online Stores. Please submit all details of your project including any sales history of previous projects as well as Press and Publicity regarding your project in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also contact us by mail...

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Phone: 215 844-3639
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Please enter your Name & E-mail address in the text box, if you wish to contact. Please keep in mind: if you want to send us your DEMO CD or link, you must be in USA (United States citizen and/or landed immigrant). If you reside in another country, please forward your material to your Local Wildfire Records Company!!!...