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WILD FIRE RECORDS is a sound decision for the big and small screen.

If you're looking to license music for TV, sovaldi Radio, medicine Movies or other entertainment enterprises, viagra then you've come to the right place. What we offer our clients is not only a fast response for the busy producer but in-depth music knowledge, first-class and undisputed experience in servicing the Entertainment industry, and a back catalog that extends over 23 years.

As well as having the best in American and European music, we have been the domestic repertoire leaders in United States music for over 15 years. We have a catalog spanning every musical genre.

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What we offer
is a catalogue of domestic music that's been growing strongly since 1987. Whether this is the Caribbean styling s of Peter Brown & Summer Angel the reflections of a culture in the music of Bob Marley, Winston Francis or the reggae grooves of Eboni Marley-Brown, Doniki, Little John, Craig Amaker, Nate The Great & KING NYMOKO, we have music to reflect the ever-evolving tastes and attitudes of the world.

Our music has been used to profile a great hockey player on in "Dancehall In US," underscore the pride of Philadelphia's first Summer Angel/Philly's 1st Lady of Dancehall music, intensify the drama of character interaction on "DJ-Mad Cobra" and add to the laughs on "The Drew Carey Show."

We have it all. Join the list!

"Dance Hall", "Reggae Sun Splash", Microsoft XP Launch, "Stardom", "Summer Angel Living Is Hard Movie, NCAA Basketball, Fox Sports, ESPN, CBC, CTV, NHL, NFL, "The Perfect Son", "FIFA 2011 E/A Sports", "PHILLY Owns", and "Reggae Fes." "UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival", "Reggae Festivals and Special Events"!!!



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