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About Wildfire Records Company History & Mission statement?

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Mission statement Wild Fire Records, a division of Wfrecords and ShopWFRecords, Wild Fire Records specializes in record production, promotion and sales. Our mission is to produce, promote and market high impact, diverse and broad based music of various genres from our many talented artists.

We also strive to create a lasting relationship with our artists and clients, while providing innovative ways and means for them to establish a unique and lasting musical presence in today’s competitive music industry.


Wildfire Records was formed in (Kingston Jamaica W.I.) by Anthony Messam, as an Independent Record Label. In August of 1978, Anthony opened the door for business at 72 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 13, Jamaica. Anthony worked with many local artists such as Everton Brown a/k/a Mad Cobra, Paper Rose, Daddy Screw, Roland Johnny-dollar Burrell and Fred Lacks to name a few.

His influence in the early stages of their careers significantly impacted and aided them in their rise to success and fame!


Wildfire Records Company, having earned the respect of the industry then signed and distribution Wildfire Recording artist. Wildfire Records is currently working with artists such as Nate Jones Ntg, Maleak-All, Agent, Belli, Craig Dwyer, Peter Brown, Summer Angel, Roland Johnnydollar Burrell, Donald Willis aka Doniki, Queen Abijah Lioness Empress and Maria Smith.

Wild Fire was instrumental in the production and release of the hit-single title Mampy Size by Paper Rose & Daddy Screw, which was released on the Wildfire Records Label, and sold above 85,000 copies in 1988; This being the first single to become a hit on the Wildfire Record label in Jamaica, as faith would have it, the very next year in 1989 “DJ-Mad Cobra” recorded his first single, which later became a hit, making him a highly requested performer and a local celebrity.

Wildfire Record Company, having earned the respect of the industry then signed a distribution contract with Dynamic Sound Recording Co., Ltd. As a result of this single, several artists were signed to the Wild Fire Record label, & with Anthony Messam as CEO and Manager, he, single-handedly took his company to the next Level, and effect the commencement of recording and mastering which took place at Creative Sound Studio and the renowned Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Music Ltd.


Anthony moved to the United States with the strong desire and ambition to add a new sound, new look and new facet to the record industry through Wild Fire Records. His primary focus was expanding the growth and development of his company and securing a strong and talented base of artists for the label. His hard work, effort and business savvy have paid off.

Over a period Anthony has managed to sign and establish a long list of accomplished artists specializing in various genres of music to his label. He wanted to ensure that music produced by Wild Fire catered to a broad and diverse customer base.

He did this by acquiring artists that displayed their talent and skill in different types of music, such as rap, reggae, gospel, and rhythm and blues. Anthony has successfully integrated the various talents in some instances by having them work collectively on a project or as featured artists on others.


Wild Fire Records has been in the entertainment business for more than twenty-five years. Wildfire Records & Songs Of Wildfire Publishing / is a corporation duly incorporated in Pennsylvania with its principal place of business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a company, it is comprised of several music labels representing over twenty-five artists spanning nearly every genre of music. The company name as well as its artists and its distinctive music have developed a reputation locally and abroad that is eminent.

Wild Fire Records / is currently seeking a new headquarters in the Philadelphia area to accommodate its growth and expansion, while maintaining the same commitment and dedication to its artists and providing the same vast range of high quality music that it has from the beginning.


The artists at Wild Fire Records are supported by an ardent management staff, and state of the art recording facilities. Anthony strives to utilize and promote all of his artists in the most effective, creative, mutually beneficial and profitable manner with the objective of advancing the artist and the Wild Fire label in today’s industry.

In addition to having a genuine and personal interest in each and every one of his artists, Anthony is committed to running his business in a virtuous and professional manner despite operating in an industry that often does not always reflect honesty, integrity and values.

The company is supported by a worldwide manufacturing and distribution network operating in over twenty-four countries that aids Wild Fire in marketing an abundance of music products to loyal customers worldwide.


Our future goals are to continue our ascent to triumph within the world of music and to take our artists to new levels and heights of success. To do this we must challenge ourselves and our artists to work harder, aim higher, and perform at a more profound level than ever before.

We believe that in the future our talent, our sound and our company will stand apart from all others. We will prove ourselves to be trailblazers and consume the music industry with the inextinguishable intensity of!.....Wildfire Records Inc.!